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3 Ways to Catch Crabs! - Crabbing 101

Have you ever wanted to catch crabs but didn’t know how? 

There are three tools for you to snag some crabs.  

  • Crab Net
  • Crab Traps
  • Crab Snares

Well what are the differences?

Crab traps are traps laid out for hours at a time to catch as many crabs as possible.

Crab Net

Crab nets are more hands on than crab traps.  They need to be pulled up every 10-15 minutes before the crabs eat their fill of your bait and go without even leaving you a tip!

Crab Net

Crab snares are for those who love to cast and reel.  Just cast it out, wait a few minutes and pull back in.  Skilled fishermen can feel slight tugs of the line as crabs can try to take your meal to-go.

Crab Snare


Each one has it's own advantage

Crab traps are a leave it and forget it type device.  These traps allow crabs to enter the cage without ease of escaping which allows you to leave them for longer periods of time.  Best used if you have a boat and you can tie them onto buoys.  If you leave them within public access, someone else may end up with your crabs, and maybe even your traps.

Crab nets are mainly used off piers so you can reach the deep waters and pull in your fill of crabs without much snags. 

Crab snares can be used anywhere.  While the crab snare doesn’t offer the same impressive bounty when you retrieve it compared to the crab net or trap, it does however offer unbeatable portability. They can literally fit in your back pocket!  This can be attached to any fishing rod.  But make sure your rod, reel and line can handle those crabs!  We recommend a minimum of a 30lb test line.

You can find our own handmade Crab Snares here.  

Now what type of bait should you use?

Whether you use any of the three actual methods above, you will still need to use some bait.  Crabs aren’t picky eaters as they are primarily scavengers. Common crab baits that we use are chicken and fish heads. These baits are inexpensive and easily accessible. Make sure to have them inside a bait cage or they will have their meals "to go".

Actually, that reminds me.  There's a 4th way to catch crabs.  This one is FULL-PROOF.  The bait you would use is green with the face of past presidents.  You take this to the local supermarket selling seafood and... nab yourself some.  This method is best used after a long day of catching nothing so you can still brag to your friends with instagram photos.

Dungeness crabs

If you ever wanted to eat your fill of Dungeness crabs, give crabbing a shot when the Dungeness are in season. Although if you're tempted to keep any Dungeness you catch off season, you might be eating a hefty fine instead.

NOTE: Your crabs need to be over 4 inches. A ruler or measuring device is a must have on your fishing and crabbing excursions. If a ranger checks you and you do not have one.  Everything is going back!  Not to mention any possible additional fines you might incur.  

Crab Snares are great to have in you arsenal.  Take one out and catch something different on your next fishing trip and surprise your friends!


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