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How to Safely Remove Fish Hooks

Ever been pierced by fish hooks?

One with barbs?


Fish twitch and flops are unpredictable while unhooking and that is when you have the highest chance of getting pierced.

Nobody wants a hook in them, especially a barbed one that isn't easily pulled out.

Here are some tips to avoid this:

  • Never try pulling out the hook with your bare hands.
  • Always assume the fish will jump.
  • Grip the fish firmly.
  • Wait for the fish to stop moving.
  • Use Pliers or a Hook Remover.

Pliers are a great tool with multiple functions but there are a few drawbacks to removing hooks. Such as the lack in flexibility to maneuver hooks at various angles and taking out the really deep hook sets.

Hook Removers do just that.  They remove hooks. 

They allow you to grip as close to the barb as possible to reduce injury to your fish and allow you to get the really deep hooks.

Hook Remover


  1. Catch a fish… 😅
  2. After catching your fish, it may still be full of energy flopping around.
  3. Grip your fish firmly so it will stop wriggling.
  4. Use the Hook Remover or Pliers to get a good grip of the hook.  
  5. Tip: you can wrap the hook remover starting on the fishing line and guide yourself down to the hook and then grip.
  6. If it is barbless, push it downward away from the fish and then pull out.  Or you can twist the hook to get the pointy end facing downwards and pull out.  Fish can just drop from this method due to it's own weight if you just want to release those little ones.  
  7. If it is barbed, it gets a bit tricky.  Push the hook in the direction that is opposite of the barb and then pull out away from fish or twist as well.  This helps get the barb out without extra damage to the fish.  

Hook Remover Instructions

If you plan to keep your fish, damaging the fish may not be the main concern.  If you plan to release the fish, then you want to be as careful as possible.  Either way, you still want to do it quick and easy so you can get back to fishing. 

Hook Remover would be our favorite for catch & release.

I would recommend to at least use one of these tools to help avoid an injury.

Nothing ruins an enjoyable fishing trip faster than an injury.

Happy fishing!



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