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Length to Weight Conversion chart for Largemouth Bass

Forgot to Bring a Weight Scale?

Ever wondered what your bass weighed? 

One way to guess is to measure the length of the fish and just go by the standard length-to-weight guide.  This is just an estimate of the weight of your bass based on the length of the body.

If it is fat or a female pre-spawning, you can add a bit to it.  If the fish looks like it's been starving for days, then you can subtract a bit.  You can use your best judgment.  If the exact weight is important to you, make sure you have your scale next time.

Check out this table below.  This table represents the 75th percentile, meaning that if you lined up 100 bass of similar length, this weight would be the 75th heaviest fish.  That's just how biologist wanted to track it.  So you can imagine that your average fish is slightly heavier than the weight listed below.


Largemouth Bass


12 in 0.90 lb
13 in 1.16 lb
14 in 1.47 lb
15 in 1.83 lb
16 in 2.25 lb
17 in 2.73 lb
18 in 3.28 lb
19 in 3.89 lb
20 in 4.59 lb
21 in 5.36 lb
22 in 6.22 lb
23 in 7.17 lb
24 in 8.21 lb
25 in 9.35 lb
26 in 10.60 lb
27 in 11.95 lb
28 in 13.42 lb
29 in 15.01 lb
30 in 16.73 lb
31 in 18.58 lb
32 in 20.56 lb


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