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October's here and If You're Not Bass Fishing then You're Missing Out

October is here and you still better be out there! 

What to use for bass fishing in October?  Is it even worth going bass fishing at this time?

Bass are still active and coming up more shallow as the weather cooled down.  

The fish are still biting during this time, if not more than before.  They will be taking their fill of minnows, bait fish and anything else they can get to stock their belly full for the winter time. 

They do not hibernate, but their metabolism slows down quite a bit.  Same with all lake fish.

Depending on your water temperature where you are, you can decide what you want to throw out there.  The colder it is, the slower you may want to fish.  

Quick Tips:

  • Start with topwater baits to see if you can get an early blow up.  You can never go wrong with a frog in the weeds around this time. 
  • Afterwards, try anything that would resemble a minnow or bait fish.  These are plenty and make sure you match the hatch with what's in your lake.
  • Pay attention to your retrieve speed and slow down a bit from what you're used to.
  • Next would be to use a jig and pig.  Nice and slow off the bottom for those bass that really slowed down but can be tempted with something slow and juicy.
  • Last resort and always my favorite, the good ol' worm.  Carolina rigged for me.
  • Most important tip.... Get out there!  Zero chance of catching anything sitting in front of the couch or computer.


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