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Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL
Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL
Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL
Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL
Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL

Handcrafted Crab Snare Trap - ORIGINAL

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HEAVY-DUTY】 - 16-gauge galvanized steel mesh provides a sturdier and more rugged cage. Don't waste your time fixing bent crab snares when you should be using it to catch crabs.
HANDCRAFTED】 - Each one is custom made by hand with the best materials to provide everyone the same experience we've had with these crab snares!
LONGER BAIT RETENTION】 - 1/2" x 1/2" mesh is smaller and keeps the crab from taking your bait and running. Leaving them to work at your trap longer for a better chance to snag them when you reel!
PREMIUM LOOPS】 - If you're a seasoned crabber, you will know that loops are very important. We have tested various materials to find the right balance to quickly snag your crabs and also retain enough memory for the loops to return back and ready for your next cast. Avid crabbers will know the difference.
CUSTOM LEAD-FREE WEIGHT】 - Included is our custom designed steel weight slab to provide a sleek and less bulky snare to help you cast your crab trap farther and help stabilize your snare to land in the correct position each time.
ORIGINAL TYPE】 - Our first design.  This model is thicker than our Aero Design.  The wider frame allows us to use more bait and provides a stable and heavier body for harsher conditions.  Both crab snares will work well in any condition as weight can be added.
ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY】- We take pride in the quality of our products and provide warranty for any defects in our product.

These are designed to be sturdier and more rugged. It has been battle tested and will less likely get damaged when it hits against the rocks or gets pinched by a crab. It also features much better bait retention so the crabs will stay on the crab trap longer as they work to pull their meal from the cage. We use 4.75” abrasion resistant premium loops which allow these snares to cinch up with less effort to trap your catch. Having quality loops is the most important part of the snare. 

The crab snare comes fully assembled and ready to use. 

  • Simply add your favorite bait (chicken, squid, fish, or your go to bait)
  • Attach it to your fishing pole, and you are ready to start crabbing.

For best results, pair with Fishernomics Cast Cannon to increase cast distances and expand your hunting grounds.

Our snares are created by hand and used by us to give everyone the best experience in casting and catching crabs with ease.  We use quality materials for durability and to just have a good time. 


Materials Included:

· 1 – Crab Snare Cage (16 ga ½” x ½” Mesh)

· 6 – Premium Abrasion Resistant Snare Loops

· 1 – 200lb Leader Line

· 1 – Snap Swivel for additional weights

· 1 – Custom Lead-Free Weight (Original-3oz)

A few crabs from our latest fishing outing.